PN 204-040-623-5 UH-1 Huey Hanger Bearing For Sale


Part number 204-040-623-5, UH-1 Huey Hanger Bearings as removed from aircraft serial number 661-6321

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This is a UH-1 Huey Hanger Bearings PN 204-040-623-5 as removed from aircraft serial number 661-6321.

All paperwork & logs traceable to US Army available.

Individual component times of each 204-040-623-5 hanger bearing calculated and displayed in the product images.

Can be sold individually.  All 4 for for $10,000 or $3,500 each.

These PN 204-040-623-5 Hanger Bearings are available for immediate shipment.

Since 1996 American Patriot Helicopters, LLC has delivered parts to major manufacturers and leading repair stations.

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